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EVA2Z And Sunmobility have partnered to deploy 1000 Electric 2 Wheelers which are to be used for Last Mile Delivery by the end of this FY

The initiative taken by E Mobility as a service startup EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty program is set to transform the last-mile delivery segment. Know more about the perks of this eco-friendly initiative now.

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is well underway, with companies devising creative means of getting them onto more streets. EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV 2-wheelers Initiative is an examples of this trend. In this collaboration, they are going to offer 1000 electric scooters. This entire initiative will boost the use of green energy and also cut carbon emissions. 

EVA2Z has already deployed 500+ EBikes in Delhi NCR since March 2023 till date.

Commenting about the association, Rajat Malhan, Head of Micro Mobility and Infrastructure SUN Mobility said, “With the help of our 500+ swapping infrastructure across Delhi NCR, we will be able to deploy 1000 EVs in partnership with EVA2Z easily. Also, it will enable us towards Zero-Carbon Future for our coming generation.”

Commenting on the Partnership, Narendra Jha, Founder & CEO of EVA2Z Mobility said, ” Our mission is to electrify the whole EV 2 Wheelers that are being used for commercial purposes in India.  The partnership between EVA2Z and Sun Mobility has an enormous opportunity to revolutionize the Indian Last-Mile Delivery space. Since using EBikes for last-mile delivery is also economical, this will help riders earn more and at the same time make our environment pollution free with these Zero Emissions electric vehicles.”

EVA2Z is currently serving Zomato, Blinkit, Zepto, Big Basket, Rapido, Uber, Delhivery, Bluedart, eKart, and many more by providing them with EBikes and delivery executives. Our tech-enabled fleet provides economical and pollution free, zero-emission solutions to these clients

For media inquiries and/or interviews, please contact https://eva2z.in/ or +91 777 888 59 83.

If you are thinking about how it is going to benefit you, then you have certainly landed on the right page. Below we discussed a few of the benefits that come along with this initiative of EVA2Z and Sunmobility and how you are in it as well. Let’s dive in.

Perks of EVA2Z And Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty Initiative

Here are some benefits associated with EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty Initiative:

1. Increased Adoption of Electric Vehicles

This initiative seeks to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. With 1000 electric scooters being distributed for this cause, it’s expected to have a profound effect on our planet and help people understand why using them could benefit both their wallets and the environment. EVs run on battery power which cuts carbon emissions significantly while making them eco-friendly. The initiative hopes to educate individuals on its advantages before encouraging more to switch over from traditionally fuelled vehicles to EVs.

2. Affordable Electric Vehicles

One of the primary challenges associated with adopting electric vehicles is their high cost, yet EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty initiative seeks to address this by making affordable e-scooters accessible at competitive rates for people looking for alternatives without concern about costs. Through this effort, they hope that more individuals may make use of them than previously available to do so through traditional channels alone.

3. Improved Battery Technology

The electric scooters offered through this initiative will feature cutting-edge battery technology. Their batteries will be interchangeable, which means fully charged ones can easily be swapped out in minutes for long-distance travel without fear of running out of juice. Plus, this swappable system helps shorten charging wait times significantly!

4. Improved Electric Vehicle Infrastructure 

EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty initiative will contribute significantly to India’s development of an effective and reliable electric vehicle infrastructure. Through charging stations located conveniently for people using scooters, EVA2Z will help establish reliable yet efficient infrastructures for charging electric scooters. The initiative provides charging stations at shopping malls, parking lots and public places – helping create reliable yet efficient EV infrastructure in India.

5. Reduced Carbon Emissions

This initiative’s primary goal is to lower emissions through electrified vehicles running on battery power, which are cleaner and more energy-efficient than their gasoline-fueled counterparts. Electrifying our vehicles could significantly cut back carbon footprint for people while contributing towards climate change mitigation efforts and air pollution control initiatives in our nation.

6. Job Creation

This initiative aims to foster job creation in the electric vehicle industry. As more EVs enter circulation, skilled professionals will become necessary for manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing them. So this shows how it can help in the process of creating employment opportunities within this sector and aiding its advancement as part of economic expansion.

Final Thoughts

EVA2Z and Sunmobility’s 1000 EV Scooty Initiative is an effort to further the adoption of electric vehicles, offering affordable swappable battery electric scooters to people all over in an effort to reduce carbon emissions while encouraging green energy initiatives. Furthermore, this initiative will create reliable infrastructure in India while creating job opportunities and expanding the electric vehicle industry – thus taking one giant leap towards creating a cleaner future!