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How Does An Eva2z E-Bike Subscription Work

How Does An Eva2z E-Bike Subscription Work?

EVA2Z is a firm formed to provide convenient inter-city mobility, providing you with a better, more inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way to travel. Our excellent goods and service have serviced over 500+ satisfied clients in our economical and sturdy E-bikes in its early years in the EV rental industry.

With over 80% of Eva2z e-bike subscriptions in three major metro cities, we are helping to reduce pollution levels, rising temperatures, and depletion of the ozone layer. We aim to transform everyday travelling with 100% renewable and emission-free Electric Vehicles for various purposes, from last-mile delivery to travelling public to casually fun-loving E-bike admirers in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram.  Rapido, Zepto, Uber, Zomato, Blinkit, Sun Mobility, and ONGRID rely on Eva2z as their trusted EV rental partner. Our consumers benefit from our work ethic and reliability.

Why Own When You Can Enjoy It?

The Eva2z e-bike subscription is a new automobile purchase method that does not require a down payment or a car loan. Your monthly fee includes insurance, servicing, and repairs. Furthermore, there are no long-term obligations; you may return, extend, or purchase the automobile whenever you choose. And all of this for less than the cost of an EMI!

Choose The Best Subscription Option For You!

Eva2z offers subscription plans for environment-friendly individuals at a starting rent of Rs.4,900 in response to the rising market for electric vehicles but the high costs involved in owning an EV vehicle. You can choose among different distance ranges depending on your needs with a battery swapping facility, and the rental fee includes complete insurance coverage, roadside assistance, and end-to-end servicing.

Eva2z e-bike subscription model presents two exciting subscription plans to cater to diverse needs: the EV-Swap Pack and the EV-Elite Pro Pack.

The EV-Swap Pack

This plan offers affordable EV travelling to cater to customers’ general and day-to-day demands. With nominal subscription fees of Rs. 158/day or a monthly bill of Rs. 4,898/- you get an impressive distance range of up to 120km on a single charge due to its 1.5kWh battery. 

Under this plan, apart from the subscription fee, you are required to make a first-hand refundable security deposit of Rs. 2500/-, which will be refundable after deducting the damage cost in Vehicle 1 Time. You can opt for a helmet and a mobile stand at an additional fee of Rs. 1500/-

The vehicle provided under the plan will be ‘unregistered’, i.e., without any formal registration process and will be capable of carrying a weight of up to 150kg, thereby ideal for day-to-day travelling and ensuring usage for various purposes. The vehicle speed will be limited to 30-35 kmph to ensure a safe journey in high-traffic areas of concerned cities.

This package is unique since it does not require formal registration, streamlining and making the rental procedure easy for you.  Furthermore, the battery-swapping capability enables continuous, seamless travelling.

EV-Elite Pro Pack

The EV-Elite Pro Pack is available to individuals who seek a little more than the EV-Swap Pack. This pack provide a more formal rental with proper registration and some extra features in terms of distance range, speed limit and other things.

The plan is affordable at Rs. 178/day or a monthly bill of Rs.5,518/-. The refundable security deposit and the one-time helmet and mobile stand fee are the same as those of the EV-Swap Pack. 

You are offered a higher range of up to 140km on a single charge with the same battery power of 1.5kWh, ensuring a smooth and specific ride. As already mentioned, the plan encompasses a proper registration process, thus making it a perfect fit for broader business purposes. The speed range in this premium plan is allowed between the range of 40-45 kmph to get the fully dynamic experience of bike riding.

The Eva2z e-bike subscription plans are designed to bring to every eco-friendly individual willing to take an electric ride an affordable way to fulfil their wish. Whether you prefer a formal or informal registration or a more significant speed range, there is a solution for you. These e-bike packs, with their fantastic battery capacity, swapping facility, and mobility, guarantee a practical and responsible way of transportation for your everyday needs. Get the perfect fit plan for yourself and be a part of a greener family with an efficient transportation facility. Now is the time to subscribe and discover the future of travel!

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Get Your EV Vehicle In Four Simple Steps!

Here are a few simple steps to get your own EV Vehicle:

Sign in and Finish the KYC Form

To begin, go to the EVA2Z webpage and establish an account. When you sign up, you must submit basic information such as your email address, phone number, and so on. Complete the KYC process after completing the registration process to continue the booking procedure to rent a bike in your city. This step assures a pleasant and safe rental experience.

Choose Your Vehicle

After completing the KYC procedure, choose an Eva2z e-bike subscription plan from our exciting plans. Continue with the booking procedure after you’ve selected a ride. An EVA2Z specialist will call you once your order has been placed. They will walk you through all of the specifics and support you in concluding the rental agreement.

Take a Test Drive

You may have a test drive in the scooty for hire in the city you’ve reserved before you hit the road. Ensuring you’re at ease in the automobile and prepared for your travel is recommended.

Begin Riding

After you have tried the bike, we will guarantee that it is delivered to your specified address, and that’s all there is to it! You have complete control of the vehicle. So, what’s holding you back? Start your “cheap” eco-friendly adventure with the hired EV from EVA2Z by searching for two-wheeler rent near me.

Eva2z Is Here To Bring You The Most Impressive Ev Ride!

Eva2z e-bike subscription plans are tailored to your personal preferences, needs, and economy. To rent the greatest e-scooters on the market, choose between our customer-focused subscription options. Visit our website https://eva2z.in/ to know more about plans and offers.


What are my responsibilities in the event of a loss or accident?

Your Eva2z e-bike subscription plan will encompass adequate coverage and proper insurance to handle damage instances. In the event of loss or accident, your obligation would be restricted to whatever cost that remains for covering the damage after claiming the insurance, with a fixed minimum and maximum responsibility. There may be optional exclusions to this policy in circumstances of reckless, hazardous, or inconsiderate usage, in which you may be liable for all losses regardless of whether or not we are eligible to receive insurance in such scenarios.

What are the advantages of subscribing?

The convenience of enrolling for an Eva2z e-bike subscription for as little as one month and continuing or reverting at any time, coverage and servicing included in monthly costs, 24X7 repair services, and hassle-free repair and maintenance, all you get in the Eva2z e-bike subscription.

Are there any rules on what I may do with the bike?

You can utilise the automobile for almost any typical necessity. Inappropriate operation (e.g., speeding, racing, roadside assistance, commercial carriage of goods or persons, carrying heavy objects) is prohibited.

How is the servicing aspect handled?

Every rider receives 100% guaranteed service with every Eva2z e-bike subscription. If your trouble is minor, the service centre has qualified specialists who can help you. We have a quick special crew that is only a phone call away for significant issues.