Eva2z Offer For Renters

What Accessories & Features Does Eva2z Offer For Renters?

With its continual focus on technical innovation, Eva2z has gained entirely unknown heights in the mainly unorganized market, offering electric rides for renters that may propel the present forward into a sustainable future.

Availing Eva2z Offer For Renters

To make the process of renting an e-bike handy for our customers, we brought it to jus following four simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in

For Rs. 4900/-, you may subscribe to our monthly EV Driver Benefits Package. Your billing period will begin immediately after your order.

Step 2: Utilize your advantages

Your package will contain information about our partners, as well as the discounts and perks available to you and how to get them.

Step 3: Do you need assistance?

Call us at 777-888-5983 if you have any queries regarding EVs or your subscription. Our top objective as EV specialists is to assist you.

Step 4: Enjoy your ride

Enjoy months of savings and renew to continue receiving the most significant EV advantages available.

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Essential Accessories For Riding That Eva2z Offer For Renters

Purchasing bike accessories allows you to customise your riding. You may have accessories in your chosen colours with unique functionality and add-ons you enjoy and appreciate the most. Here are a few essential accessories that you must look for:

1. Seat Cover

The most frequent and most beneficial item for your electric bike is seat protection. It will protect the scooter from dust, severe weather conditions, rain, unpleasant cuts, scratches, and so forth. Further, it ensures greater comfort.  It is especially beneficial in open parking since it shields the seat from the sun and its heat.

2. Mobile Phone Mounts

When you are required to explore while driving, it might be tough to grip a smartphone in one hand and ride with the other—using your mobile while riding is quite risky. Installing a cell phone attachment on your electric scooter can make driving much smoother and joyful.

3. Motorcycling Gloves

Driving with the glove is helpful if you like lengthy rides on your EV bike or if your job involves a daily drive. Invest in a nice riding glove to improve your control of the handlebars and minimize injuries generated by friction. Wearing gloves in the wintertime keeps your hands warm and helps travelling much simpler.

4. First Aid box

A first-aid pack is an essential item for your EV scooter. It is pretty handy in the event of cuts and bruises throughout a ride. The best part is that you can manufacture it yourself. Even in the event of a catastrophic accident, a first-aid package can assist in providing first-aid treatment until the wounded person arrives at the clinic. Keeping a first aid kit in the e-bike not only benefits the one driving, but it can also save somebody else’s life.

5. Maintenance Add ons

You are made available with some maintenance equipment in your electric scooter, including a washing kit, a repair kit, oil, lubricants, and so on. Which maintenance items you should have will depend on your usage and how far you are planning to ride. If you merely ride your bike to get around town, you may not need to stock up on many maintenance supplies. Fixing the e-bike is critical for a pleasurable driving dynamic. Similarly, acquiring two-wheeler insurance coverage is essential for protecting your vehicle from injury or destruction.

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6. Mobile stand and helmet

Apart from these complementary accessories in our subscription, you can have a mobile stand and helmet at a minimal cost of Rs. 1500/-

Essential Features Eva2z Offer For Renters

When selecting an e-bike or any vehicle, it is advised to look for features that are practical and provide good value for money. The following are some things to look for when you are subscribing to us. Also, consider how these characteristics may affect the cost of two-wheeler coverage.

A. Boot space

Because every e-bike does not have an engine, they have a large boot area. Eva2z offers renters added boot space to carry all their belongings to have a complete, happy journey.

B. Ride Ergonomics

You can customize this feature into your chosen EV. Analyze how convenient it is for you and any other person to ride with you.  Ergonomics can be modified based on your height; however, specific EV bikes’ designs do not allow for this.

C. Riding Modes

Numerous e-bike models include multiple riding configurations. With us, examine as many modes available in an electric scooter. Speed, Eco, and Normal settings are available.

D. Bluetooth Connectivity

Eva2z offer renters a premium subscription with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. You may use this function to link your smartphone to the scooter’s display. Installing the native software on your smartphone allows you to keep track of the bike, and the scooter’s screen can also display your phone’s alerts.

E. Monitor

An essential aspect of many electric scooters is the display. Besides speed and battery power, a contemporary LCD display with a touch screen is provided with GPS navigation, phone alerts, and more. Check to see if the model you’re interested in has an LCD screen or a standard one.

F. Navigating screen

We offer EV models, including built-in GPS that enables navigation on the screen. This is a beneficial function that you should not overlook since having turn-by-turn guidance while you drive is the ideal option to have in your e-bike.

Distinctive Charm of Eva2z Offer For Renters – Why us?

We believe in providing a unique experience to our clients and shining distinct from our competitors in markets with the following features:


Delivery is accessible across the cities of Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Faridabad and Greater Noida. To schedule delivery of your e-bike, book online or call us.


For short-term hiring, we accept debit/credit cards, PayPal, money transfers into bank accounts, and cash. We also have credit accounts available.

Lower Interest Rates

Do you want to retain the electric bike for a more extended period of time than was initially planned? We might provide lesser charges if you engage us for a more extended period of time.

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Striving to become the top electric fleet

This means that we offer a wide range of electric bikes available for hire.

There are no emissions

All of our vehicles are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy generated by their own electric battery, ensuring that we provide genuinely green, zero-emission driving.

Very adaptable

You have a lot more options when you rent an electric vehicle from Eva2z. Apart from when leasing an electric bike, you can change vehicles mid-term to meet your needs and budget.


Is batter swapping included with the rental bike?

Yes, electric scooters are delivered fully charged and battery swapping is also offered free of cost.

What is the amount of the security deposit?

The security deposit is listed with the selected bikes. Currently, the security deposit is Rs 2500/-.

Is there roadside help available during the ride?

Yes, in an effort to provide the most excellent customer experience possible, we constantly make an effort to assist consumers with their inquiries.

What are the stages of renting a bike?

Visit our booking link, select the appropriate pick-up times and place, then complete a safe online transaction and reserve the bike.

What documentation is required for bike rental?

There are two subscription plans Eva2z offer for renters, i.e., EV-Swap Pack and EV-Elite Pro Pack. The former involves no formal registration and does not require a driver’s license, but the Elite pack is registered and requires a driver’s license.

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In a world where sustainability and convenience are paramount, Eva2z emerges as a pioneer in the electric mobility sector. Their dedication to providing an eco-friendly and user-friendly transportation solution, backed by a range of services and accessories, ensures that renters have everything they need for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

So, whether you’re a city dweller looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply seeking an efficient and stylish way to get around, Eva2z offers the keys to a greener, more convenient future of electric mobility. Join the movement today and experience the transformative power of e-bikes with Eva2z. Your journey towards a sustainable and enjoyable ride begins here.